The Garden Spot

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Lease your own secure, fenced gardening plot. We are starting to take names down for 2021 season! Customers who had a plot this season will have have first dibs on a plot next season if desired.

Enjoy fresh vegetables right in town!

Our Vision

  • A quiet, secure place of connection with nature, new life, and reward from personal input.
  • A place to grow healthy, nutritious food.
  • A place where you can know the origin and process of what we eat.
  • A place that's therapeutic.
  • A place of beauty. To have each garden grow at least two flowers of choice. We plan on planting flowering trees and having benches and a shade cabin, where people can relax or take their daily walks through the gardens.
  • A place of learning. It is our goal to have growing and gardening classes. Classes where we can learn natural ways to keep out the bad and enhance the good. Classes where we can learn what types of soil additives produce certain results.
  • A place were people of all circumstances in life can benefit by working together in a peaceful setting.
  • To acquire permitting that we can have a year round farmers market on site so that food that can't be grown in the gardens can be purchased from "Farm to Market" vendors.
We have loved watching The Garden Spot grow this season! Thank you to our wonderful garden growers for keeping this space lovely and flourishing! Can’t wait to grow with you some more in upcoming seasons!

Lease Agreement Terms and Conditions

  • All plots must have at least 2 annual or perennial flowers of choice.
  • Plots can be personalized and same plot kept year to year with down payment at end of season.
  • Any personal items, including soil additives, garden decorations, etc. must be inspected by management for acceptance.
  • Gardens must be free of weeds.
  • All weeds, trimmings, and plant debris must be taken to the compost pile.
  • Garden tools are available for purchase at Battle River Landscape Center.
  • Battle River will have a limited supply of garden tools available for use at no charge in the garden shed on site. There will be two wheelbarrows in the garden shed as well. Lease holders will supply their own watering cans or pails.
  • All tools, wheelbarrows, etc. owned by Battle River are available for use on a first come, first served basis. These must be returned to the garden shed immediately after use to give access to the next person. All personal property must be cleaned up immediately to provide clear pathways for others.
  • Site is fenced and locked. Access will be given by gate code. Gates must be closed and locked when used. Site is monitored with security cameras and violations will be noted.
  • Battle River has the right to change gate code anytime at its own discretion.
  • Battle River has the right to deny access to anyone who creates disturbance, commits vandalism or does not abide by the terms of agreement.
  • Battle River has the right to charge a credit card on file for any unpaid fees, gardens left unattended or damages/vandalism committed.
  • Battle River is NOT responsible for ANY injury on site. The Garden Spot is strictly “Enter at your own risk”. Signed contract releases Battle River Landscape of any and all liability on site.