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Hardscape and Landscape Products

Choose from multiple color options and material choices, there is everything you will need for your outdoor living space.

We have various stones for hardscapes such as retaining walls, patio stones, stairs, fireplaces, garden walls, pavers, pillars, fire pits, and brick ovens.

After a visit to our yard, you will be equipped with the right materials and knowledge to tackle the residential or commercial landscape project you envision.

Hardscape and Landscape

The landscape is all your “soft” living parts of your yard, the grass, bushes, flowers and trees. The hardscape, just like the name suggests, is the hard materials such as bricks, concrete and other non-living materials.

Hardscape also refers to man-made buildings and structures. It's more than just aesthetics, hardscape can contribute to a beautiful balance of your yard.

Hardscape serves a purpose of functionality and is extremely important for your outdoor living space.
Firepit hardscape landscape

How to Design a Landscape for Your Yard

A good place to start is by looking at your lifestyle. What do you currently use your yard for and what do want to use your yard for?

When you know what elements you would like to have, the next step would be to look at how they work together with each other and with the landscape.

We at Battle River Landscape Supply & Design have years of experience, we can talk you through ideas and help you choose the material that works for what you have in mind.
Hardscape brick backyard

Build your beautiful!

Together let’s create your dream outdoor space and make your dreams a reality.
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